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Finding a bulldozer to rent is quick and easy using Dry Hire Online’s extensive database of suppliers who have equipment ready to go. If you are looking for a dozer for a small land clearing project or are involved in large scale quarrying work, our online database makes it easy to find the right type and size of bulldozer to suit your needs.

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Types of bulldozers

Medium sized excavator on dirt


Bulldozers, often simply called “dozers”, are designed to do one task well: push large quantities of material across all types of terrain. They use force behind a front-mounted metal blade to push material across a site, mostly during land clearing and grading works. They can also be equipped with a rear-mounted device called a ripper, which is used to loosen materials prior to being moved.

Dozers come in three main types, each suited to different tasks:

Tracked dozers: The conventional design which uses continuous tracks to traverse all types of terrain. Usually fitted with both a blade and ripper and suitable for working hard ground surfaces.

Swamp dozers: The same as tracked dozers but with wider tracks to spread the machinery’s weight evenly across a larger contact area. This allows operators to traverse wet, soft, sandy or swampy areas without fear of becoming bogged. Generally not fitted with a ripper.

Wheeled dozers: While similar in appearance to a front-end loader, a wheeled dozer still only performs the one task of pushing materials across a site, rather than undertaking any lifting or carrying. Wheeled dozers are more agile, able to work faster and manoeuvre more easily in constrained sites than tracked dozers.

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Using our online excavator hiring system

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Hiring excavators online couldn’t be easier for both customers and those with excavator rental equipment available. Those looking to hire an excavator have three options:

Suppliers looking to hire out their excavator equipment simply register to advertise on our site and online inquiries are forwarded directly to them. Registered suppliers can view current “Wanted” ads posted by customers, and respond directly to requests.

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Identifying the right sized bulldozer for your job

Dozers come in a range of sizes most often described by a “D” prefix and number, and these labels differ between brands. For example, Caterpillar bulldozer sizes range between D3 and D11 while Komatsu bulldozers range between D21 and D575.

The smaller class of dozers such as D3 or D4 tend to be used for detailed finishing work or where sites are small with restricted access. Medium class bulldozers such as D6, D7 or D8, are the most commonly hired types, popular for road construction, housing developments, land clearing and general construction work. Dozers classed as large (D9, D10, D11) are mostly utilised in larger scale quarry and mining operations.

The team at Dry Hire Online can help advise you on the right sized bulldozer when you call or submit an online enquiry.

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Selecting a dozer blade

Medium sized excavator on dirt


When renting a dozer, consideration needs to be given to the type of blade required and the primary use intended. The four main types of dozer blades are:

S-Blade - Straight Blade: As the shortest blade style, the S-Blade does not have side wings and is best for fine grained materials and tasks such as ditch work, backfilling, leveling soil and stumping.

U-Blade - Universal Blade: With a curved blade, the U-Blade is the largest type of blade. Large side wings help with containing material as the dozer works. Best suited to pushing, ditch work and hauling.

SU Blade - Semi-U Blade: Using the best aspects of both the S-Blade and U-Blade, the SU Blade features smaller side wings and a narrow blade with less curve. While suitable for stumping and moving heavy material, it also handles soft-medium soils.

6 Way PAT Blade: A 6 way blade can be operated up, down, angled left, angled right, tilted up or tilted down. While blades can be adjusted manually to achieve these positions, PAT (Power Angle Tilt) bulldozer blades enable the adjustments to be made using controls located next to the vehicle driver, increasing versatility and efficiency.

For help with selecting the right size and type of blade, call directly and speak to one of our friendly team members.

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Select a dozer attachment

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To complete your dozer hire, a range of attachments are available for specific tasks:

Stick rakes: Used for land clearing, vegetation management and sifting soil and rocks from the vegetation you’re raking adds capacity to carry a load as well as push, optimising force available.

Tree spears: Give dozers greater leverage / reach so they can push over much larger trees. They can be top mounted or blade mounted allowing them to to stay on the blade at the same time as the stick rake.

Cutter bars: Used for ploughing applications, usually in conjunction with a drum seeder.

Drum seeders: A seed sowing system attachment.

Scrub canopies: Designed to protect the operator and the equipment from trees, timber and scrub; usually permanently fitted.

Make sure to mention any attachments required when submitting your online enquiry form.

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GPS and UTS bulldozer guidance options

Medium sized excavator on dirt


While GPS guidance helps a dozer operator achieve consistent grading and accurate levels, UTS (Universal Total Station) technology goes a step further allowing for fine grading. The accuracy of the UTS system, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, enables leveling of materials to a much lower tolerance, which is particularly desirable if expensive fill materials are being used.

The UTS system uses prisms and a total station while a GPS system uses antennas and satellites with a base station. A key advantage of a UTS system is it allows a dozer to operate indoors or in close proximity to buildings, trees or structures such as bridges, while the GPS system has the advantage of allowing multiple vehicles use the signal at the same time.

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Bulldozer equipment and rates

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To locate a suitable bulldozer for your project simply enter your requirements into our online search form and submit an enquiry to find out hiring rates. For a detailed quote, add specific project details such as the date and duration of hire, and whether you need an equipment operator included (wet hire) or no operator (dry hire).

Suppliers can register to advertise their equipment, with any online inquiries received forwarded to them directly. They also have the option of viewing the current “Wanted” ads placed by prospective hirers.

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Locations throughout Australia

Medium sized excavator on dirt

No matter where your project is located, Dry Hire Online puts you in touch with dozer equipment available at city and regional locations in every State. Our job is to make your job easier by connecting hirers and suppliers in a few simple steps. Keep your project on track and on time by submitting an online enquiry form to find a bulldozer today.

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