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Dry Hire Online connects those looking to hire excavators and associated equipment with those who have equipment to rent. We offer quick and easy access to the largest range of excavator equipment in locations across Australia, allowing you to source project needs close to home.

Our extensive online directory gives you access to all types of plant available for dry or wet hire including excavators, graders, water and dump trucks, cranes, trench diggers, drum rollers, excavator attachments and much more.

Our extensive database gives access to experienced, reputable firms who have excavator hire equipment available now helping you increase your productivity and keep your project on track.

Whether you need excavator rental for small residential projects, commercial developments, council public works or large civil infrastructure projects, use our online search database to find the right excavation hire equipment for the job.

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Looking for Excavator "dry" or "wet" hire?

Medium sized excavator on dirt


The key difference between excavator dry hire and a wet hire is whether or not the equipment comes with an operator.

Dry hire is where the person hiring the excavator will need to source their own operator whilst wet hire is a package including both equipment and operator.

Excavator dry hire has the advantage of more flexibility, gives certainty to project timelines and finances, and can save money. Dry hire lets you source an operator from existing onsite staff or a third party, on an “as-needed” basis. When the excavator equipment is not in use, the operator can be used elsewhere or stood down until required. With wet hire, you pay for the operator to remain onsite with the equipment at all times, whether in use or not.

Projects may benefit from a dry hire as existing staff will be familiar with project requirements and site protocols, their abilities are known, and they are more easily held accountable for their performance. With a wet hire, the operator supplied with the equipment will need time to come up to speed with project needs, although their previous experience with the excavator equipment may help them work more efficiently.

Once you’ve determined which type of hire you need, enter the details and location in our online search form and select the “dry” or “wet” option. If undecided, select the “dry/wet” option to find suppliers who offer both alternatives.

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Using our online excavator hiring system

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Hiring excavators online couldn’t be easier for both customers and those with excavator rental equipment available. Those looking to hire an excavator have three options:

Suppliers looking to hire out their excavator equipment simply register to advertise on our site and online inquiries are forwarded directly to them. Registered suppliers can view current “Wanted” ads posted by customers, and respond directly to requests.

What plant would you like to hire?

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Excavator equipment rental and rates

Our excavator and equipment hire service gives you access to an extensive range of excavators for hire and sale, as well as access to many other types of heavy machinery and trucks including:

Whether looking for a short or long term excavator hire, simply enter your details in our search form to get a comprehensive quote quickly and easily from available hirers.

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Excavators sized right for your job, mini excavator hire vs large excavator hire

Medium sized excavator on dirt


Regardless of the size of your project, Dry Hire Online can help you source your excavator hiring needs, matching the right sized excavator equipment or truck tonnage to your task.

For smaller or hard to access sites, hiring a mini excavator may be the solution to reach confined areas or excavate difficult spaces. For residential projects, a mini excavator rental can provide cost and time savings by more quickly completing tasks that were planned to be undertaken manually.

If you’re unsure whether you need mini excavator rental or large excavator rental, call us directly on 1300 156 789 to receive helpful advice.

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Excavator attachment hire and addons

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If you have an excavator but need excavator attachments, hiring can be a cost-effective way to meet project needs, rather than purchasing a costly add-on. Let Dry Hire Online connect you with firms who can supply a variety of excavator attachments for hire to make your job easier.

Options for excavator attachment rental include varying bucket sizes, rock breakers, compaction wheels, rock grabs, augers or crushers and sieves. Using our online search form, enter your requirements and review excavator attachments available for hire.

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Locations throughout Australia for excavator rental

Medium sized excavator on dirt

No matter where your project is located, Dry Hire Online can put you in touch with the nearest plant supplier with an excavator for hire. Equipment is available in all States in both city and regional locations.

Whether looking to dry hire an excavator for your city project, or to rent a mini excavator for your country property, use our easy search function to let Dry Hire Online put you in touch with an excavator hire business perfect for your needs.

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