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Forestry machine hire and forestry plant hire

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The forestry industry requires equipment tailored to the specific needs which emerge from managing timber plantation operations and land clearing by-products. At Dry Hire Online we provide access to an extensive range of forestry plant and equipment via our online database. We connect you with suppliers of reliable equipment ready to work when and where you need it.

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Forestry mulcher hire

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Forestry mulchers can be hired as a dedicated forestry mulcher, as a machine with a mulcher attachment, or as an attachment fitted to your existing machine.

Forestry mulcher attachment for excavators: If you are already working with or plan to hire an excavator, a forestry mulcher attachment will make quick work of mulching shrubs, trees and grass. Ideal for roadside maintenance, waterway or railway corridor clearing, forestry mulcher excavator attachments help clear hard-to-reach areas.

Excavator mulcher heads come in a range of dimensions and capacities allowing you to choose the right product for your equipment so you can work efficiently and productively.

Forestry mulching attachments for posi-tracks and skidsteers: Similar to excavator attachments, forestry mulcher attachments area also available for posi-tracks and skidsteers. These mulcher attachments allow for bush and vegetation to be cleared to ground level as they quickly and effectively mulch trees.

The attachments fit a wide range of popular brands of posi-tracks and skidsteers, with the appropriate attachment determined by the vehicle horsepower and the material being mulched. Mulching attachments offer optimum cutting performance across mixed vegetation, with good surface area coverage and consistent results.

Forestry mulching attachments for tractors: Also known as brush cutters, mulching heads for tractors are an effective way to utilise your existing equipment. Mulching attachments are a fast and economical way to clear land in a single step process, clearing and removing material at the same time. The mulching process breaks down organic material to form a naturally decomposing layer on cleared land, mixing the mulched material with existing topsoil.

Dedicated forestry mulchers: Standalone forestry mulchers offer more customisation that attachments, with adjustable configurations to address your land clearing task. These tracked vehicles can access difficult areas such as steep slopes, soft ground or unusually rough terrain. Whether working on partly cleared landscapes or in heavily forested plantations, dedicated forestry mulchers are the bult-for-purpose solution for clearing all types of forestry vegetation.

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Horizontal grinder hire

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Once land has been cleared, a horizontal grinder is used to grind up waste trees or timber. Available in a variety of sizes and horsepower, horizonal grinders are generally paired with an excavator which feeds in the material to be ground. As well as forestry applications, horizontal grinders are ideal for composting operations and are used in municipal recycling processes.

Towable or self-propelled options make getting equipment to and around sites easy, while the remote controlled option allows a single operator to feed and operate the equipment, saving time and resources.

Chipper hire:

Looking to reduce trees and branches quickly and efficiently into wood chips? These portable wood chippers can be hired alone or with an accompanying chipper truck and bin to catch the generated chips. Chippers are employed by professional operators such as logging firms and arborists, through to DIY operators cleaning up their backyard.

Chippers range in size of the “throat” (where the material is fed in) and in diameter of branches which can be accommodated (up to 20cm diameter). While mixed vegetation and tree branches are the most common material chipped, some units are also capable of managing more difficult fibrous organic material.

Stump grinder hire:

No stump is too small or too large to be tackled by stump grinding equipment from Dry Hire Online. From small domestic machines to large forestry machines, stump grinders make quick work of removing unsightly and awkward tree stumps left after forest plantation clearing or during landscape maintenance.

Grinders may be wheeled or track driven, allowing access across rough terrain or difficult sites, while different sizes and thicknesses of cutter wheels can be selected to suit the cutting task at hand.

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Tub grinder hire:

Performing the same task as their horizontal grinder counterparts, tub grinders are named for their distinctive round infeed hopper. These gravity-reliant grinders consist of a round hammermill at the base of the tub which grinds the material, while screen plates below permit material to pass through once the desired size has been reached. They are typically fed by a front end loader or excavator, with resultant materials transported by a conveyor.

Tub grinders are available in varying sizes and depths with processing capacities to match. They are often used for processing yard waste such as pallets or mill waste, but are also utilised in land clearing operations involving logs, stumps and debris.

Flail Mower hire:

These specialised mowers excel at addressing overgrown grass and bush areas with their ability to manage heavy grass and stubble. The mower cuts using flails - Y or T shaped blades - attached to a shaft, with the rotating blades shredding material and distributing the clippings evenly. Their enclosed design reduces the risk of flying debris, an important consideration if being used in rocky or littered areas.

In the forestry environment, flail mowers are often used in the establishment of firebreaks, removing fuel loads and help prevent grass fires. As materials are effectively mulched and returned to the soil, flail mowers can help to regenerate land and prevent erosion.

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Using our online excavator hiring system

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Hiring excavator online couldn’t be easier for both customers and those with Crushing and Screening rental equipment available. Those looking to hire an excavator have three options:

Suppliers looking to hire out their Crushing and Screening equipment simply register to advertise on our site and online inquiries are forwarded directly to them. Registered suppliers can view current “Wanted” ads posted by customers, and respond directly to requests.

What plant would you like to hire?

Hiring rates for forestry plant and equipment

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Submit an enquiry today and let Dry Hire Online’s experienced staff match your needs with the forestry plant and equipment available.

If you have equipment to rent, simply register as a supplier to advertise on our site and online enquiries will be quickly and efficiently forwarded to you.

Registered suppliers can also view ads posted by customers in the current “Wanted” section and make contact directly.

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Equipment where you need it - locations throughout Australia

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Our online database links you to available forestry plant and equipment available in locations across Australia. Contact us today and we will put you in touch with the nearest available equipment to help with your land clearing, plantation, regeneration or timber harvesting project.

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