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Looking to source a vacuum excavation truck or vacuum truck for your next project?

Dry Hire Online connects hirers directly with suppliers of machinery and equipment. Our directory gives you access to an extensive online database of equipment from reputable firms, who have what you need, ready to hire now, wherever you are across Australia.

Whether you are looking for a vacuum excavator truck or trailer, a vacuum truck or associated excavation equipment, use our online search database to find suppliers quickly and keep your project on track.

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What is “vacuum excavation”?

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Vacuum excavation is known by different names including hydro excavation, non-destructive digging and non-destructive investigation. It involves the use of water to excavate ground safely and efficiently during construction, investigation and repair works. In construction it can also be referred to as “potholing”, where it is used to expose underground utilities.

The process of vacuum excavation uses high pressure water to loosen ground materials while the vacuum transports the resulting slurry or debris to a storage tank.

The technique has many benefits compared with standard digging and backhoe methods as it is less likely to disturb existing pipelines, structures and utilities. This minimises the potential to damage existing infrastructure, avoids the likelihood of catastrophic accidents, and results in increased worker safety. It also reduces impacts to surrounding surfaces and can minimise the amount of reinstatement needed to landscaped areas.

Considered a safe and low impact alternative to basic digging, hydro excavation can be conducted in most weather situations and can be particularly useful when working in constrained sites as the bulk of the vacuum equipment is on a truck or trailer which can be located at a distance from the target work area.

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Using our online excavator hiring system

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Hiring excavators online couldn’t be easier for both customers and those with excavator rental equipment available. Those looking to hire an excavator have three options:

  • Search directly in our equipment database
  • Post your request in our “Wanted” section
  • Contact us directly by phone, call 1300 156 789

Suppliers looking to hire out their excavator equipment simply register to advertise on our site and online inquiries are forwarded directly to them. Registered suppliers can view current “Wanted” ads posted by customers, and respond directly to requests.

What plant would you like to hire?

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Do you need a “vacuum excavation” truck or just a “vacuum” truck?

Choosing between a vacuum excavation truck or a vacuum truck for a project depends on the nature of the materials being removed from a site, as well as the quantity and the destination of the excavated material.

Vacuum excavation trucks: these are the go-to piece of equipment when materials need to be broken up prior to removal from site. The high-pressure water breaks up all types of surface material such as dirt, rocks, grass and clay, transforming the dry matter into a liquid slurry. The truck’s vacuum equipment uses suction fans to draw the liquid slurry into its holding tank, ready for safe transportation off site. While commonly known as “vac ex” trucks, NDD trucks (non-destructive digging) and hydro excavation trucks, vacuum excavation trucks are also referred to as jetter trucks, hydrovacs, combo trucks and sucker trucks.

Vacuum trucks: these types of trucks, which are vacuum only, are designed for safely removing and transporting existing liquid materials. Common types of uses are to transport existing liquids such as septic tank waste, industrial liquids and animal waste from livestock environments. Given the nature of the material they transport, these types of trucks are also known as liquid waste trucks, septic trucks, sewage trucks or vacuum tankers.

To see which vacuum excavator trucks and vacuum trucks are readily available through Dry Hire Online, search our online database or submit an enquiry form.

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What size vacuum excavation truck should you hire?

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Prior to hiring a hydro excavation truck consideration must be given to factors such as site constraints and the amount of debris expected to be generated during the excavation process. On larger construction sites the size of the vehicle may not be an issue, but in smaller residential settings or inner-city locations, access and parking restrictions may play an important role in the size of vehicle which can be accommodated.

Renting the right vacuum excavator truck can remove the potential for costly mistakes and minimise project delays.If you are unsure about the size and volume of the vacuum excavator truck you need, get friendly and helpful advice by calling and speaking directly to our knowledgeable staff.

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Trailer-mounted vacuum excavation hire option

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If you have access to an appropriate truck or transport vehicle, an option is to hire a vacuum excavation trailer only. Trailer-mounted hydro vacuum equipment can be towed by your truck and operated by a competent person equipped with safety protection.

A vacuum excavation trailer is a compact solution ideal for restricted spaces and hard to access areas such as around residential sites with narrow laneways which can’t be reached by standard sized trucks. The trailer’s small size means it can even be craned directly into tight spaces to get access to tricky investigation and excavation areas.

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Vacuum excavation truck hire equipment and rates

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The Dry Hire Online hiring system makes it quick and easy to locate a vacuum excavation truck by connecting customers with those who have equipment available. To find out the cost of hiring vacuum excavation trucks, trailers or associated equipment, simply enter your requirements into the search form, find a supplier and submit an enquiry. Note that you can opt for a wet hire vacuum excavator truck (which includes an operator) or dry hire (equipment only).

Registered suppliers can advertise on our site and any online enquiries received are quickly and efficiently forward to them. Alternatively, registered suppliers can also view ads posted by customers in the current “Wanted” section and make contact directly.

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Locations throughout Australia

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The advantage of our online database is that we link you to available vacuum trucks and excavation equipment wherever you are across Australia in just a few easy steps. Whether you are in a city or regional location, Dry Hire Online can put you in touch with the nearest available hydro excavation equipment today.

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